Midwest Shrinkwrapping
PO Box 27624
Omaha , NE 68127
United States

ph: 402.669.5132
alt: none

Don't Settle For Less! WE OFFER  WHAT'S BEST

The Problem

 Vehicle shipping can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to secure considering factors such as  limited availibility or remote pickup/drop off locations.

When it comes to durability, performance, and economy nothing can compare to the maintenance free cost effective protection
Shrink Wrap provides.

The Soluton

With our specialized transport services you can count on timely service, personal care, and protection that exceeeds any option conventional transporters can offer.

When shipping, storing, or transporting your prized possessions don't settle for  covers & tarps, or lose money with expensive enclosed shipment when you can go with a product everyone  trusts....Shrink Wrap!!!

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